Our products are produced following global standards.


Our global quality control team ensures that every product manufactured and distributed by us complies with all internationally GMP standards. We carry out regulated research, development, manufacture, testing, and distribution of pharmaceutical products.

The products are produced by our special raw material specifications. Most of them are following standards:

  • U.S.Pharmacopoeias (USP)
  • Europe Pharmacopoeias (PH. EUR.)
  • British Pharmacopoeias (BP)
  • The Pharmacopoeias of Japan (JPN P.)

All of them are passed through our independent quality control process. All our medicines are tested to ensure high-quality standards. Our product is tested in quality control laboratories having the latest testing which is in alignment with those of our own. Our products are of world-class quality.

Global standards

Research & Development

Research is the main focus of NOVECTOR LABS.
We focus on developing new products and improving existing. The company views its R&D capabilities as an essential component of its strategy that provides a sustainable, long-term competitive edge. We are maintaining world-class quality across our manufacturing units, products, and services. Our scientists work closely with our business development team to generate innovative concepts and ideas, exploiting both market needs. The equipment we insist that our business partners comply with national and international regulatory and business standards.

Our research activity also includes market analysis wherein we carry out research activity in the retail industry to know the usage and popularity of our range in the market. And thus helped bring cheaper, high-quality generic versions of such products to the market much earlier than otherwise possible.